Barbie’s Style Evolution

BATD ON Aug 08, 2013 AT 9:24 am

More like a miniature brand ambassador than a children’s toy – the latest Barbie sports Coach’s real-life spring/summer 2013 collection.

Following in the footsteps of Fred Butler, Sister by Sibling and Nasir Mahir – the American accessories retailer is the latest luxury brand to give our favourite plastic doll a high-end makeover.

Coach Barbie, £95 Coach

This collectors-edition Mattel creation wears the classic checked Tattersall coat, a suede skirt, striped jumper, tasseled sandals and red sunglasses – not to mention the genuine leather bag that Barbie can barely hold between her non-functioning sculpted fingers.

Available at a staggering £95 at Coach retailers internationally – to be honest we’d much rather spend the money on a little leather Coach piece for ourselves. But if you prefer collectibles to functionality – and there’s nothing wrong with that –  we’ve got images of the whole, recently-unveiled collection to spark your interest.

Coach Barbie out on the town

Barbie Coach Handbags

Coach Barbie strikes a pose 

Coach Barbie in signature tasseled heels

Whether you’re just starting your collection here – or you’re already hot on the heels of the three other collections currently up for sale on the 4th floor Toy Shop at Selfridges – we support Barbie’s fashion evolution.

Sister by Sibling Barbie

Barbie bundles up for winter in Sister by Sibling knit pieces straight off the catwalk, equipped with scarfs, hand warmers, pom-pom adorned hats and of course little furry friends.

Nasir Mahir Barbie

The street-style inspired look for women is not something Barbie would naturally be drawn toward we can’t imagine, but then with all the current sportswear trends we think these Rihanna esque pieces courtesy of designer Nasir Mahir.

Fred Butler Barbie

From Fred Butler we’d expect nothing less than extraordinary. And that’s exactly what Barbie’s new look is. Extraordinary. It’s like Lady Gaga travelled to the future and returned to earth via a rainbow and some holographic planets.



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