Beyonce & Jay-Z’s His’n'Hers Exotic Animal Skin Sneakers

BATD ON Mar 01, 2013 AT 5:58 pm

We’re not ashamed to admit that we’re a little addicted to Nike iDs, spending far more time and money than is probably healthy or necessary on searching Instagram for iD inspiration, designing and then redesigning myriad styles and colourways and finally, pondering over what exactly to have embellished on the tongues.

But no matter how outrageous and outlandish our designs, nothing could possibly top Jay-Z’s custom made kicks.

Jay Z’s Brooklyn Zoo Jordan 1s

The rapper first blogged about his exotic bespoke-designed Jordan 1s, on his Life + Times blog, with the caption “Condos in my Condo” and has since been snapped wearing them out and about.

According to PMK Customs (Perfectly Made Kicks), “the hand made piece of art was made for the few that become King in an environment where most struggle to survive and where only the bold become Legends by fearless, calculated, predator focus and drive.”

The Brooklyn Zoo Jordan 1′s feature an elaborate and some-would-say unethical combination of elephant, ostrich, python, boa, crocodile, lizard, alligator, calf and sting ray skins and with only ten of the intricately crafted trainers made, they fetch a very cool starting price of £1600.

Beyonce’s King Bey Sneakers

They also make the perfect his’n'hers accompaniment (should you be into the matchy matchy thing) to the bespoke ‘King Bey’ trainers that PMZ designed for Beyonce, causing outrage amongst animal rights activists.




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