Birkin on Birkins

Mimi ON Feb 25, 2012 AT 9:00 am

We love a good Birkin.

Jane Birkin is a pop culture phenomenon. However, despite being an actress, singer and style icon – she will probably be known to most for her eponymous bag designed by Hermes.

Reaching up to $150,000 - the Birkin bag is one of the world’s most coveted luxury accessories and waiting lists are said to be 6 months long. Here’s what Birkin had to say about that ‘bloody Birkin bag!’ in an interview with Adelaide Now.

Birkin herself is almost embarrassed when she carries hers – incongruously adorned with protest stickers and ethnic beads – and she only has one.

“What’s the use of having a second one?” she laughs.

Jane Birkin's Birkin

Jane Birkin's Birkin

“You only need one and that busts your arm; they’re bloody heavy. I’m going to have to have an operation for tendonitis in the shoulder.”

She’s currently on her fourth Birkin bag, the first three being auctioned off for charity.

“If they can go to a good cause then all the better. It makes them a rather jolly bag instead of being a snobbish bag. And hang as many things as you can (on it) so it doesn’t look like a bloody Birkin bag!

We’ll gladly take yours if you’re not using it Jane!

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