Birthday Boudoir

BATD ON Jul 30, 2009 AT 2:36 pm

Pop up Chantelle Boudoir at Selfridges

Pop up Chantelle Boudoir at Selfridges

We would like to wish chic lingerie brand Chantelle a big happy birthday. The French fancies have been going strong for 60 years and we think that’s worth celebrating. You too can join in as the Chantelle Boudoir pops up in Harrods from August 1st until the 15th for a fortnight of fun. Bra fitters will be on hand to size you up, while there will be demos of Chantelle’s new body care line which promises to be ‘sensual’ – they’ve got our attention.

We also advise you to take the time to check out their new lingerie and loungewear lines, true they are a little on the pricy side, but as they say you get what you pay for. We say don’t fight the urge, just splurge.


To book in an appointment with Chantelle’s Corsetry and Cosmetics Expert, Veronique Bonard, call: 020 7730 1234 ext. 3120 or just pop in and have a look.

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