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BATD ON Oct 29, 2009 AT 2:25 pm

Bundle Box

Bundle Box

We’re sick and tired of seeing our friends Stateside rocking the latest looks from Forever 21 and Anthropologie knowing full well we’ll never be able to get our grubby little mitts on them (well as least not at the bargain prices you see in the US.) Not to mention all the exclusive beauty bargains at Sephora that are always just out of reach. Well now you can wipe that smug look off their fashionable faces with a little help from Bundle Box.

The site works by giving you your very own US shipping address where you can send your purchases to and then just pay for the shipping to the UK. Also if you snap up a selection of pieces from different websites, Bundle Box will repackage the products into one box to cut down on shipping fares for you. Since shopping in the US is loads cheaper we’re thinking we’ve got Christmas all wrapped up.


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