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BATD ON Aug 10, 2010 AT 12:48 pm

Curve ID jeans from Levis

Curve ID jeans from Levis

Levi’s are launching a “curve-friendly” collection of jeans.

The denim brand are set to release Curve ID later this summer, which features three customised fits – Slight, Demi, and Bold – after conducting research that found shape is more important than style or size when choosing well-fitting jeans.

Company president Robert Hanson said: “One of the most frustrating things for women is that they are not finding the right jeans for their body.

“This is particularly a women’s issue because of the diversity in body type. Men tend to wear jeans that are a little less shape-enhancing, and most men don’t want to have a discussion with you about shape and they really don’t care.”

Previews of the jeans show three very distinctive styles, with different rises and placements of back pockets, while one had a high waist band and another had contrast stitching reaching further down the leg.

Robert – who thinks jeans are as shape-sensitive as bras and swimsuits -added: “These are completely different patterns,” Levi’s are also working on a fourth shape to add to the collection later in the year.

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