Chanel’s Iconic Jacket Comes To Life

BATD ON Mar 13, 2013 AT 4:19 pm

Chanel Little Black Jacket Exhibition

Chanel Little Black Jacket Exhibition

The Chanel jacket gets its own short film in the behind-the-scenes clips of the fashion house. The video shows how the iconic piece has evolved over the years – 59 to be exact. The Chanel “little black jacket” originated in 1954 and now has a whole exhibition and book dedicated to it along with a whole host of dedicated devotees.

It all started in the era of stuffy womenswear when along came Coco Chanel with a mission to free females from uncomfortable waists and necklines. So the story of the jacket became timeless with its nonchalance and masculine fit. “A straight, fluid jacket from tweed” was born.

Here’s Chanel’s short:

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