Christian Louboutin SS10 Collection

BATD ON Mar 12, 2010 AT 4:00 pm

Christian Louboutin SS10


I’m a sucker for shoes. High, flats, boots, even flipflops. As long as they can get on my feet I’m happy. But I have never been as happy as when I wear Louboutin

So I thought I’d share my joy at their new Spring/Summer collection. It’s got something to suit everyone’s taste; from eccentric to elegant, the range caters for all. 

My personal favourite it the slightly whacky Ulona design, with the Aztec/Art Nouveau design imprinted on the suede body and the gold straps across the arch. I think buying a pair of these shoes would increase my standard of living stats by at least a couple of percent… even if I couldn’t afford to eat afterwards. 

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Ulona – Suede Multicolour and Napp Laminato Gold

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