Christina Hendricks designs Swimwear

Mimi ON Jul 25, 2011 AT 2:23 pm

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks will design her own line of swimwear. The ‘Mad Men’ actress is known for her curvy figure, but has revealed in the past her fuller chest and small waist make it difficult to source suitable beachwear and as a result she has decided to create her own collection. We’ve all been there, trying to switch the bottoms and tops over discreetly in the changing room, come on, it’s not just me!

An insider told The Mail on Sunday newspaper: “Christina is a US size 10 and weighs 154lbs but she can’t find a swimsuit that compliments her figure. So she started designing her own and is in talks to sign a deal. She loves her curves and doesn’t want to lose weight. ”She wanted to create something other women can wear too. The plan is to start with swimwear and move into underwear and her own clothing line.”

Christina has previously complained about the difficulty in finding suitable swimwear for her fuller figure.

She said: “It’s really hard to find a bathing suit if you have breasts. You either get smooshed down or there’s no support.”

The 36-year-old actress also revealed her problems extend to finding dresses to wear to red carpet events.

She added: “I have to be careful about my proportions and keep it simple.

What works for me is structure and something that shows my waist.

“No one will send me dresses. Designers loan size 2 or 4 samples to actresses, but I’m not that size.

“It’s like I’m a freak because I’m curvy and I can’t squeeze into those things. I’ve had some problems with that.”




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