Classic Rock Jewellery

Chrissy ON Mar 12, 2013 AT 9:27 am

by Chrissy Iley

For a long time I have had a fantasy that I am in fact a jewellery designer. I love jewellery designers. I love jewellery.

I am inspired by my own multiple rings, bangles and everything that hangs from my neck. I am obsessed with charms and their luck. Symbols. Statements. Meanings. History.

I lose jewellery all the time so I dream often that I could replace it easily with one from my own collection.

I understand that a certain length of necklace can act as clothes line surgery. It removes inches, adds height, all in a single but brilliant strand.

The right jewels can make an M&S dress look edgy. A signature bracelet transforms a basic top and jeans to the ultimate rock and roll.

Classic Rock Jewellery

These special pieces, they are hard to find. Chic, glamorous, inexpensive. In my fantasy I make these and give them to the world. I make everybody rock and roll. . . But the thing is I don’t, because now I don’t have to.

I have discovered a collection that i would have loved to come up with myself. I would have cherished and loved each of these pieces as if they were my own children if I had designed them . Now I want to own them .All.

This is the most incredible collection. It’s called The Classic Rock Collection and it has been designed and fronted by that icon of timeless glamour: Lulu.

Yes, Lulu with the wonderful Time Bomb skin care range that gives us youth and glow, has brought us timeless Classic Rock jewels. And from this we get not only glow but presence. We enter the room – the room knows it.

Lulu says that some of this collection has become her staples. I first noticed the pieces hanging round her neck and wrists and wanted to grab them from her.

I love everything but my special favourites are the Amor ring, a multiple-jointed maxi ring, Swarovski crystals, elasticised fit. It looks like a great claw of magnificent glitteringness.

The crystal Circles bracelet, stretch fit it sits on your wrist looking party fairy part dominatrix and I’ve worn it since I acquired it. There’s also a leather and chain wrap bracelet which wraps around the wrist four or five times and clips with a crystal button. There’s earrings of crystal hoops, crosses and stars, and then there’s the pendants.

The chains of wonderful mini-beads. They make statements with their length. There’s a fantastic key. You feel you could open anything by wearing it.

There’s the energy necklace, gunmetal toned with the symbol for energy. There’s the crystal Hamsa necklace. It’s on an open chain for the healing energy to flow around.

My favourite is called the Crescent Moon and Star. I love crescents, partly because they are C-like, and stars are always a happy symbol. It’s super long so it makes you look thinner. It reminds me of a famous line from a black and white movie: Who wants the moon when you can have the stars? Who wants the stars when you can have the moon as well?

And you really can.

Classic Rock, Moon and Star Swarovski Chain, £46.44,  Key Charm Necklace, £50.00,  QVC and







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