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Mimi ON Oct 25, 2010 AT 5:07 pm

Diet Coke Crystal Collection

Diet Coke Crystal Collection

We all love us some diet Coke, but the cola is now giving a new reason to have our fridges fully stocked. 

In collaboration with jewellery designer Johnny Rocket and Selfridges, diet Coke has brought us the limited edition “diet Coke Crystal Collection.” 

The bottles (which are pink!) are customised with Swarovski Elements and a pop-up workshop now allows visitors to customise a sparkling bottle for themselves.  The diet Coke Crystal Customisation Boudoir will be running for the next week on Selfridge’s Ground Floor.  Johnny and his team will be present at the shop to help create individual, specially made designs.

Best news about this crystallised collaboration?  The price!  A customised bottle from the Boudoir only costs £5 and a pre-customised bottle is only £1.50—they’re an affordable piece of fashion history.

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