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Mimi ON Oct 17, 2011 AT 9:10 am

Darling Clementine cushions

Darling Clementine cushions

We love these fun, Scandinavian cushion covers designed by the Norwegian duo, Darling Clementine for Folly.

The designers were inspired by folk art and Scandinavian flora and fauna, which are plants and animals, respectively. The two options of design are “Floras Field,” which features a girl among plants with orange, gray, black, and pink accents, and “Florence the Fox,” which has a cute orange fox on the cover among red and pink flowers.

Made from 100% heavy weight cotton, these cushion covers can be reversed to reveal a solid orange side. The covers are machine washable and are available at £24.95 each.

Visit for purchase or call 01455 631984.

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