Daily Thandie: Having A Ball (Part 1)

Mimi ON May 14, 2010 AT 10:51 am

Thandie Newton

By Thandie Newton

Last week I attended the fantastic Met Costume Institute Ball (Metroplitan Museum of Art). It’s an annual event that sings operatically from my calendar, it’s always a dizzy thrill to attend as it’s the closest I will ever get to feeling like Cinderella!

The grand staircase draped in red, and the beautiful façade of the building make it feel like the social event of the season.  New York plays host to the flavours du jour of art, fashion and film. And the costumes match the occasion. Remember Madonna with her coquettish Louis Vuitton bunny ears last year?

Every year there’s a theme – and this year it’s ‘The American Woman’. I initially wanted to source historically accurate pre-Colonial clothing worn by the Iroquois Indian. My husband went pale with disapproval. He was quite right – it’s not the correct platform for making a philosophically political statement. Although that wasn’t entirely my intention, instead it was the first thing that sprang to my mind when I thought about what defined an American Woman.  So, instead I’m wearing a brilliant, bold and rocking dress by Vivienne Westwood (whose tireless campaign for the release of Native American activist Leonard Peltier is my small nod to the Indigenous American Woman). The fabric is a deep pink with black scrawls all over it, and the fabric is almost layered like a patchwork – and each piece is edged with another fabric of green camouflage. Amazing! It’s strapless with a snugly fitted corset and then a wide skirt supported underneath by metres of black toile. 

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