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BATD ON Sep 10, 2010 AT 9:35 am

Silk Daisy Chain Box

Silk Daisy Chain Box

As a fervent maker of daisy chains when I was younger, there’s no surprise I’m a big fan of these über cute Silk Daisy Chain Boxes from www.spottedcowcreations.co.uk.

They come as individual silk petal daisies with soft yarn stems, that can be joined together to create a chain of your chosen length. Currently I’ve got one in my hair, around my neck and wrist and I’m about to make a belt.. Only kidding. But Fearne Cotton loves them too so they’ve definitely got their celeb backing sorted!

These come in very nice little boxes so are the perfect girly gift for any of your friends that like the boho look or simply want to prolong their summer vibe.

Prices start at £6.99 (including free P&P) for a pillow box of 20 daisies.

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