Daphne Guinness

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There are only a couple thousand women on the planet who can afford couture fashion. One of them is Daphne Guinness, and we can all guess where her money came from! As an heiress of the Guinness brewing family as well as the ex-wife of Spyros Niarchos, the son of Greek shipping billionaire Stavros Niarchos, her divorce settlement alone left her an additional £20 million.

As a wealthy socialite, the tiny Irish woman has formed a name for herself in the fashion world not only as a buyer of couture, but an icon of eclectic and sometimes eccentric styles. Guinness is not afraid to try new styles, and likes to work old fashions in new ways. Her most recent style often includes feathers and armour, and she is rarely seen in anything but black and white, with the hair to match!

So, where do all these eccentric styles come from?

Guinness attributes much of her style to her upbringing. She was raised in an artists’ colony in Barcelona with the likes of Salvador Dali and other Surrealists, and company would often arrive at meals or events in radical clothing, such as evening wear at breakfast.

Because she has such an interest in fashion, it is no wonder that Guinness enjoys couture fashion, where the client becomes part of the process through several fittings. But, she believes that clothing does not necessarily need to be expensive to be fashionable, and often chooses to pursue her own ideas and interests instead of following the trends.

Though her life can sometimes be lonely, she keeps herself busy with designing and collaborations, as well as her most recent venture into films. A recent short film she produced, ‘Phenomenology of Body’, follow female fashion trends from the beginning, with Eve, to today.

Even at 41, after three children, Guinness still looks a young 30. If only all of us could be that lucky! Especially since now, more than ever, she has become such a big name in fashion and trendsetting.

Daphne Guinness

Daphne Guinness

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