Diane Von Furstenberg

Mimi ON Nov 21, 2008 AT 11:05 am

The queen of the wrap dress, Diane Von Furstenberg, entered the fashion world in 1971, with her now signature dresses.  In 1975 she launched, Tatiana, a romantic fragrance named after her daughter.  Just like her dresses, it was an instant success and saw the house of Diane Von Furstenberg become a global brand.  In the same year, she launched a cosmetic line as well as a book, Diane Von Furstenberg’s Book of Beauty, to share what she had learned while developing the beauty line.

By the end of the 1970s the label had created its signature stamp of independence and sex appeal.  She sold her cosmetic line to focus on creating a new couture collection and opened a boutique in New York.  After moving to Paris and then back to the US, Diane published a trio of books dedicated to the ‘rituals of life’.  The series includes Beds, The Bath and The Table.   Eager to get back into the fashion world, Diane Von Furstenberg designed a line of silk clothing which pioneered the way for television shopping, called Silk Assets in 1992.  It sold out at $1.2 million in two hours.   With the help of her daughter-in-law, Alexandra, Diane was inspired to re-launch a line of her wrap dresses, after the originals began selling like mad from vintage stores. 

In 2000 she expanded to a full line of dresses based around her signature sexy wrap style and vibrant colour schemes. This line, as well as a sportswear line, began selling globally and Diane Von Furstenberg stores opened in New York’s West Village, Miami, Paris and Notting Hill.

19 November 2008

Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg

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