Dresses Made From Milk?

Mimi ON Oct 12, 2011 AT 9:24 am

Anke Domaske

Anke Domaske

We’ve seen the television fashion competitions where contestants have to create wearable clothes from plants and Gaga’s always seen prancing around in some sort of foodstuff, but we never thought we’d see this one!

28-year-old German fashion designer and microbiologist, Anke Domaske, is creating clothes from milk! She’s developed a fabric called QMilch, which is made from high concentrations of casein, the protein found in the dairy drink. The casein is taken from dried milk powder and heated up with other natural ingredients, resulting in a fibre that comes out in strands to be spun into yarn on a spinning machine. The designer, whose fashion label is called Mademoiselle Chi Chi, has used QMilch in her clothing line before, but it’s always been mixed with other various fibres. Domaske now plans on designing a collection made entirely from the milk fibre.

A dress from Mademoiselle Chi Chi made from QMilch

A dress from Mademoiselle Chi Chi made from QMilch

This may sound a bit weird, but milk fabric has actually been around for over 80 years. However, it’s always been produced with lots of chemicals in a really environmentally unfriendly way. It took Domaske two years to create QMilch, making it the first man-made fibre produced entirely without chemicals. The fabric is also said to have health benefits including antibacterial and anti-aging properties that can regulate body temperature and blood circulation thanks to the amino acids in the protein. The antibacterial qualities also make the ingredient suitable to use in makeup.

We know what you’re thinking…won’t it smell and go bad? The designer says absolutely not!

“It feels like silk and it doesn’t smell – you can wash it just like anything else,” she tells news agency, Reuters. This is because during the heating process, the molecules are able to bind in a way that prevents the protein from decomposing.”

Domaske says it takes about six litres of milk to produce one dress, and her prices range from €150-200. Looking at the dress in the photo, we’d have never guessed it was made from milk! No word yet as to whether or not those with lactose intolerance will be able to wear the clothes though…


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