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By Vesi Maslenishka

During winter, fake tan is my saviour. I normally use the Vita Liberata odour free tanning mouse. I don’t like the smell of fake tan and this one is not as bad. It also works pretty well too. A little goes a long way with this if you rub it in properly and it’s also great for building up your tan.

I’ve always been quite reluctant to use tan moisturisers though. I’ve previously tried the Johnson’s one but didn’t really see results so gave up on it quite quickly. Recently though, I got my hands on the Elemis Glow Bronzing Body Lotion £36. It smells great when you first put it on. It has a light fragrance which lingers for a while, though as it sits on the skin throughout the day, you can start to smell the fake tan inside, but it’s not unbearable. It goes on really smooth and sinks in completely, it’s not sticky and you can put your clothes back on pretty much straight away.

Elemis body and face gradual tan moisturiser

Elemis body and face gradual tan moisturiser

I like to use it on my arms during winter. I get quite self-conscious if I wear a sleeveless dress and just find a little glow really makes a difference for me. The tan takes about a day to see a difference and two to three days to get the full glow. I then like to give myself a couple of days break and then use it again.

The Elemis tanning moisturiser also comes with a face version £31. If you have dry patches on your face like me though, I suggest you go easy on this one. Moisturise your face first and let it sink in, only then apply a small amount of the moisturiser. I made the mistake of using this as my only face moisturiser and found bright orange patches on my dry areas around my chin. It wasn’t great for a while but a lot of exfoliation helped and I learnt my lesson – moisturise before using the face gradual tan!

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