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by Annie Vischer

Jadalina Vampire Bite Bodysuit, £14.99, Missguided.

Jadalina Vampire Bite Bodysuit, £14.99, Missguided.

When I was younger, Halloween meant carving pumpkins, apple bobbing and making toffee apples. Living in the countryside meant that no one around us really knew what trick or treating was. There was one awkward moment when we persuaded my mother to take us to our next door neighbour (a farmer) for trick or treating. We beamed up at him with palms open, but he had no clue what we meant. My mother had to ask him to give us some chocolate or sweets and then pop round later to apologise profusely.

Whilst the trick or treating might not have been so successful, my cousins, siblings and I always went to town on our costumes. I’m talking fake green noses, wigs, face paint everywhere. We had no reservations at all about looking as horrific and scary as possible. Now of course that has all changed. Halloween means party time, and a serious sense of competition in the outfit department. Fashion wise, Halloween is an absolute minefield. No one wants to pull a Cady Heron a la Mean Girls, ie look like someone straight out of the London Dungeons, when the rest of the party have decided to hit the sultry side of spooky note. And then there’s the host of revealing PVC outfits you have to dodge. Since when did a policewoman wear a shiny pleather bra and thigh high pleated skirt to work?

Luckily the online high street has a whole collection of Halloween-ready pieces available for us to mix, match and personalise. Here is Beauty and the Dirt’s pick of the best.

1. Taffy Skeleton Hand Crop Top, £9.99, Missguided.

2. Lazy Oaf Feline Fine Dress, £68.00, Lazy Oaf.

3. Estelle Skull Print Scoop Maxi Dress, £12.00, Boohoo.

4. Ghost Jumper, £22.99, New Look.

1. Bodycon Dress with Skeleton Print, £22.00, Asos.

2. Betty Ribcage Bodycon Dress, £15.00, Boohoo.

3. Cat Face Bodycon Top, £45.00, Lazy Oaf.

4. Needle and Thread Geo Pearl Dress, £225.00, Asos.

1. Flower and Pearl Cat Ears, £12.00, Asos.

2. Geva Skeleton Ring, £5.99, Missguided.

3. Cat Sequin Mask, £8.00, Asos.

4. Jonathan Aston Strapped Tights, £12.00, Asos.

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