Festival Fun (part 1)

Mimi ON Jun 04, 2010 AT 9:20 am

Festival Fun

Festival Fun

By Holly Barder

Festival dressing is no easy feat, but the muddy musical season is upon us once again.

Yes, soon we will be getting dressed in tents with no full length mirror, negotiating not only the blink-and-it’s-raining weather, but whether to dress up or down, rock chic or boho babe or combination of the two.

We’ve seen how they did it across the pond at Coachella, but remember, they had the Californian sunshine (we will have clouds); and the celebrity festivistas, who’s looks we’ve all been coveting, had an endless supply of gorgeous, not to mention clean and dry, clothes (we will, if we’re lucky, find a crumpled tee in the bottom of our sleeping bag that escaped the mud bath we took the night before).

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