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Mimi ON Oct 29, 2010 AT 12:55 pm

Derek Lam to design for eBay

Derek Lam to design for eBay

by Fashion Foie Gras

Well this is certainly a step in a new direction for designers. Acclaimed designer, Derek Lam, will be the first to design a collection exclusively for eBay.

Here’s how it’s going to work: The ready-to-wear collection will be shown during New York Fashion Week in February.  After the show, fashion followers will be able to vote on what they consider to be the best looks.  The items with the highest votes will be available to buy on eBay in the Spring.

So a collection that we will actually get to buy for the season we’re about to enter?! It’s genius! However, will the uppercrust of fashion be happy about this turn of events? It snubs their whole system!
We’ll have to wait and see!
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