Fifty Shades of Fashion

Mimi ON Aug 15, 2012 AT 10:14 am

Fifty Shades of Fashion

It’s been confirmed that E.L. James, author of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has signed on to do collaborations with three different retail companies, based on the best-selling books.

Although all companies are reportedly not very well-known, they’re all gearing up to release a sort of “fetish-inspired” collection. Freeze Clothing is said to be designing a line of hooded jumpers and knits, and t-shirts while Briefly Stated is shooting more for sleepwear and underwear. Brand HYP is staying true to the plot with hosiery, garters and tights. Each of the retail companies claim that the pieces will all be of high-end quality, and available in stores soon.

It has also been rumored that Marc Jacobs will be jumping in on the Fifty Shades action with his own line as well.

Despite the success of the books, it will be interesting to see how Fifty Shades of Grey fares in the fashion world!

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