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I think it’s safe to say that working out with a buddy is a better than doing it alone. At least it is for me, as someone who will run for thirty seconds then quit unless someone is cheering me on. If you’re at all like me in this way, you’ll love the new deal from Fitness First, the UK’s leading gym chain.

The “bring a friend” incentive at Fitness First is taking place from now until the 19th of Feb. Members are able to bring a friend all week and are encouraged to try out a number of partner workouts that were created by influencer, physiotherapist and Pilates instructor Lilly Sabri, alongside Fitness First Personal Trainer Luke Chamberlain. We love this idea because you’ll feel good about yourself working out, and you can also think of it as a social hour.

Here’s an example of a partner workout they’ve put together:

TRX handstand and leg dip

- Position your hands on the floor shoulder width apart and extend your right leg upwards in the TRX
- Engage your core and slowly bring up your left leg so you’re in the handstand position. Your hands should remain straight
- Partner 1: keep your core engaged, bend your elbows and lower your head to the floor. Perform a press up from this position to return to handstand
- Partner 2: lower your right leg to the floor and repeat on your left side
- Both return to handstand position
- Perform 4 sets with 3 sets

TRX handstand and leg dip

TRX handstand and leg dip

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