Fur Takes Over Fashion Week

BATD ON Feb 16, 2010 AT 3:53 pm

Marc Jacobs A/W 2010

Marc Jacobs A/W 2010

There seems to be a theme in New York this week in fashion, and that theme is fur…so look away now PETA. Many of the biggest names in design are featuring fur of all kinds in their collections, and it is definitely getting noticed.

One of the biggest users of fur is Marc Jacobs. However, his show definitely spared us of the exciting. Fabrics staying in the crème and grey hues, his looks were definitely wearable, if not boring. While most of the looks could be described as office-wear, there were several admittedly beautiful evening gowns and a handful of puffy fur coats.

Jason Woo, designer to the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, perfected femininity in his fall/winter line. Featuring asymmetry in many of his pieces, the floaty dresses and gold painted fabric called attention to this rising star. Of course including fur around the hoods of a few coats, he also used a plethora of patterns, often mixing several to form one look. However, rather than it being too busy, it was something I would definitely wear.

Also showing was Thakoon, who zested up a dull colour palette with intricate design, bizarre styles and a whole lot of fur. Thakoon’s fur coats were spotlighted throughout the line, as well as many other varieties of heavy outerwear. There was a little glimmer of colour in the collection, found in a lone yellow dress. We can’t wait to see the layered looks being worn around the city

Thakoon A/W 2010

Thakoon A/W 2010

Not everyone has hopped on the fur bandwagon, thank goodness. Donna Karan’s line is entirely black or silver, with a handful of blue dresses and a single pink outfit in the bunch. Sending almost fifty strong looks down the runway, the monochromatic collection was anything but boring. Each dress was unique and extremely wearable, while the coats also spiced things up. Each black panty-hoed model walking down the runway was also helping celebrate Karan’s 25th anniversary of her signature line.

Somewhat of a newcomer to the fashion scene, Victoria Beckham’s collection was obviously inspired by the clothes she wears every day. Aimed at the professional woman, the dresses are form fitting and colourful, with a handful of exquisite little black dresses tossed in. She even narrated her own show, as she has done in the past, to make sure the audience understand her line completely. We love that Mrs. Beckham is getting recognized for these designs, even if it looks like she simply pulled them out of her own closet.

The hype for Alexander Wang’s show began before the show even started. With lines forming hours before the show, it is safe to say that people were excited. Wang didn’t disappoint, sending models down the runway that looked almost as though they had been attacked, revealing midriff, upper thigh and in some cases, most of the body, under sheer garments. This contradictory line featured heavy leather skirts and jackets, but models also wore long, flowing scarves and draped dresses. For all of the build-up, Wang certainly kept us on our toes, as did many of the other designers we have been seeing this week.

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