Gaga Inspired “Meat-Lace”

Mimi ON Oct 06, 2010 AT 8:53 am

Lady Gaga Mean Necklace

The meat-lace created by Onch Movement

Lady Gaga is as big of a fashion icon as she is a magnet for controversy.  Her now infamous meat dress that she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards in September caused quite a stir, but we never would have guessed it would have also caused a new fashion trend.

Lady Gaga meat dress

Gaga's infamous meat dress

Onch Movement, a Los Angeles based jewellery company has created a faux meat necklace that even PETA could approve of.  The so-called “meat-lace” was inspired by Gaga’s controversial dress, but unlike her outfit, the necklace is 100% animal friendly. The company says Lady Gaga and her meat dress serve as direct inspiration and even guarantees that the necklace will never spoil.

The unisex necklace is can be found on the company’s website for $55 USD.

Even Bruce Willis is getting in on the trend! Watch the video of Bruce on David Letterman below:

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