Galliano Gets Officially Axed

Mimi ON Mar 01, 2011 AT 4:11 pm

John Galliano in Paris yesterday

John Galliano in Paris yesterday

The rumour broke, the video was leaked and now he’s been officially sacked from Christian Dior. This is a bad day for Mr John Galliano…

The fashion house have decided to axe their creative director following his alleged anti-Semitic remarks last week as they don’t want to be associated with his views.

Sidney Toledano, Dior’s president and chief executive officer, said in a statement today: “I condemn most firmly the statements made by John Galliano which are in total contradiction to the essential values that have always been defended by the House of Christian Dior.”

The house confirmed the “odious behaviour” exhibited by Galliano in the video released yesterday (28.02.11) – in which he told a group of Jewish people they should be dead and pronounced his love for Nazi leader Adolf Hitler – was the final straw resulting in his dismissal.

The news of Galliano’s sacking comes hours after Natalie Portman disassociated herself from the designer because of his recent actions.

The Jewish actress – who is the face of Christian Dior’s Miss Dior Cherie fragrance – said: “I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video of John Galliano’s comments that surfaced today. In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be associated with Mr.¬†Galliano in any way. I hope at the very least, these terrible comments remind us to reflect and act upon combating these still-existing prejudices that are the opposite of all that is beautiful.”

As well as the video, Galliano is accused of making racist remarks to Geraldine Bloch – including calling her a “dirty Jew face” – during a drunken episode in Paris last Thursday (24.02.11) as well threatening her friend Philippe Virgitti.

Despite the controversy, a spokesperson for Galliano’s eponymous label has confirmed the show will go ahead this Sunday (06.03.11) at Paris Fashion Week.

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