Galliano Goes on Trial

Mimi ON Jun 22, 2011 AT 3:44 pm

John Galliano

Today marks the beginning of the John Galliano trial, where the famed ex-director at Dior will be tried for charges concerning his anti-Semitic rant caught on tape at Parisian cafe La Perle.

The infamous tape reveals Galliano verbally harassing 35-year-old Geraldine Bloch, whom he said had a ‘dirty Jewish face’ as well ‘revolting eyebrows,’ ‘awful hair’ and ‘low-end boots.’ Her partner, 41-year-old Philippe Virgitti, intervened, but Galliano continued his tirade and called Virgitti ‘a dirty Asian.’

While Galliano’s lawyer claims the designer was intoxicated and on Valium pills at the time of the incident, sources say his drunken rants are shockingly common.  Galliano’s chauffeur was even accustomed to phone his lawyer if Galliano’s outbursts got too out of hand.

Yet the designer’s alcohol and drug problems may actually work in his favor; his addictions could be entirely to blame for his behavior and help him avoid a 6-month jail sentence.

It is against French law to incite racial discrimination, hatred, or violence based on a person’s origin or membership. On top of the jail sentence, Galliano will also be fined £21,000 if he is found guilty of the charges.

We’re checking Twitter every five seconds for updates inside the courtroom… this is sure to be the OJ trial of the fashion world.

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