Get ‘Carried’ Away At My Sugarland (Part 1)

Mimi ON May 21, 2010 AT 3:08 pm

The Carrie Look - (top) John Rocha Beige Padded Skirt £325 (bottom) Vintage pink shoes £85

The Carrie Look - (top) John Rocha Beige Padded Skirt £325 (bottom) Vintage pink shoes £85

By Holly Barder

Unless you’ve been in hiding for the past eight months (or you’re my dad) you won’t have failed to notice the frenzied excitement surrounding Sex and the City 2. The countdown started months ago, but now there are just 8 days until the sequel is released in cinemas nationwide (28th May dad!).

A steady flow of teasers, supposed plot spoilers and of course fashion fabulous trailers have made it one of the most hotly anticipated films of the year so far. Does Carrie cheat on Big with Aiden? Does Big cheat on Carrie with Penelope Cruz? Is Miley Cyrus Samantha’s long lost daughter?! Ok, maybe not. But still, I cannot wait!

The Miranda Look - Anita Quansah necklace £180

The Miranda Look - Anita Quansah necklace £180

While Grazia has been “squealing” with excitement and Glamour “hurrah-ing” as D-day draws closer, others seem a little less bothered. In fact, some think Carrie and co. have lost the style spark so many of us fell in love with more than a decade ago.

Our four favourite Manhattanites may be getting a little older, the fashion may be a bit too much about product placement than the quirky, individual style of the series, and at times rather cliché (we’ve all seen the pictures of Carrie working a turban in the desert) but if it’s a question of will they inspire our wardrobes again, the answer is simple: yes. Of course!

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