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BATD ON Aug 25, 2010 AT 11:01 am

Tumi Colorisation Case

Tumi Colorisation Case

We’d never say no to a Louis Vuitton trunk, but in truth we prefer our luggage a little less, ah, obvious. But a stylishly discrete travel bag does mean a moment of nerves at the carousel as 150 identical black suitcases (and there’s always that one stained old rucksack) swing around. Not being able to identify your own expensive case is a travel faux pas.

We approve of Tumi’s Colorisation concept, going live on Fashion’s Night Out on 8th September, where they’ll add a discrete trim of colour in blue, green, magenta, silver, brown or red for instant identification to new or existing luggage in the Alpha range.

 Personally we like the Coloured Monogram Leather Patch option, but if you’re fussy you could also Colorise your luggage tag, zip pulls or zipper pouch. It just means it won’t look like your luggage is going to Tenerife, even if you are.

It’s £50 at the Tumi Luggage Store, 170, Piccadilly.

All we want now is a go-faster button for the carousel – because that would perk up arrivals.

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