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Mimi ON Nov 27, 2008 AT 3:48 pm

Go Fug Yourself! It sure is fun to say, more so to read, and more yet, if you can believe it, to be on the receiving end of the nouveau affront. Just ask Kirstin Dunst, who claims to be a huge fan of Heather Cocks’ and Jessica Morgan’s blog GoFugYourself.com, of which she is a perennial target.

The Fug Girls’ (as the creators fashion themselves) tongue-and-cheek writing style is armed to kill with derisive humour and zeitgeist up the wazoo; and kill they do when it comes to blogging on celebrity style faux-pas. But the difference between GFY and other celeb-disparaging blogs that makes it so uniquely palatable to even its own victims is that it maintains an attitude of naughty bravado without ever treading too far into personal, hurtful territory.

The term ‘fugly’, generally translated as ‘fucking ugly’, but claimed by the Fug Girls to mean ‘frighteningly ugly’ (probably for mainstream publicity purposes), is certainly not the nicest word and should be treated with a degree of sensitivity, something the Girls understand well. They want people to know that to avoid eliciting insecurities of image-obsessed subscribers who could be thinking, “If you think these fabulous celebrities are fugly, then what am I?”, they use the term exclusively in reference to celebrity fashion choices in the context of stars’ hyper-styled lifestyles. With all these styling resources at their disposal, they wonder, how do stars still manage to show up on the red carpet “looking so psychotic?”

Since its inception a few years ago, GoFugYourself.com has become one of the favourite staples and beneficiaries of the blog phenomenon. The Fug Girls Heather and Jessica have found surprising success from their site, which they created for themselves and friends who worked with them in the frustrating and unglamorous business of reality TV editing as an instrument of release, a mere hobby.

Now, what started as a diversionary whim has turned into full-time careers for the Girls. Every day they scour the paparazzi sites for photos of celebrities dressed less to impress than to mock. When they find their winners, the girls write complementary captions and commentary of viciously cheeky and hilarious ethos. Then, they wait for the hits, which have skyrocketed as of late. Blog tracking organizations have ranked them #83 out of the 100 most influential blogs on the internet and #6 for sheer traffic (they get about 126,000 visitors every day-not bad!).

They have been featured in The Wall Street Journal (a news source typically averse to tawdry coverage of celebrity culture) in addition to publications like the Chicago Tribune, Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and Time magazine, all of which share the same rave sentiment that GoFugYourself.com is “so much fun it should be illegal.”

While the Girls complain about the blog’s advertising profits of approximately $3500 per month, a paltry sum by Hollywood standards, the site’s popularity has enabled them to secure regular, well-paying consulting/commentating gigs with Star magazine, Vh1, MSNBC.com, and other usually celebrity-orientated sources interested in fashion commentary with a sassy slant. To top it off, they just wrote a book entitled The Fug Awards.

Full to the brim with gusto and gumption, GoFugYourself.com, named one of Entertainment Weekly’s 25 favourite entertainment sites on the web thanks to its authors’ astute eyes and instincts for all things Fugly in Hollywood fashion, is on a trajectory toward Perez Hilton level fame. In the world wide weblogosphere, where nastiness and controversy are often the keys to success, the Fug Girls have attracted a rabid following of lay-surfers as well as Hollywood insiders and fellow bloggers without leaving a trail of tears and lawsuits in their wake. They are offensive and provocative, no doubt about it. After all, there’s nothing kind about calling Chloe Sevigny a “fashion nutjob” (a perfect characterization, really). But they offend and provoke for the right reasons: To laugh with, and not at.

So add Go Fug Yourself to your lexicon of fashionable insults, and join the girls for a laugh before they get too famous to provide us with our daily requirement of fugly fodder.

Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

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