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By Hannah Fox

Awards season is in full bloom! Last night the 59th annual Grammy Awards took place at LA’s Staples Center. Although the awards celebrate music and albums that have come out in the past year, I think it’s safe to say that there was a whole other show going on….a fashion show. For me at least, I like to think of the red carpet as the best part of any glam affair. Mostly because I “ooh” and “ahhh” from a far at beautiful sequins and colors, but there’s also the occasional “yeesh” or “yikes.” Sometimes it seems that celebrities are using their platform as more of creative outlet than an excuse to get dolled up.

Jay Z, Beyonce,  2017 Grammy Awards

Jay Z, Beyonce, 2017 Grammy Awards

Although there were so many gorgeous looks on last night’s red carpet, here are three examples of some of the best dressed stars in my opinion:

  • Obviously, Queen Bee. Wearing a lavish, red sequined gown, Beyoncé looked stunning. The tightness of the dress brought attention to her stomach, which we know all know is carrying twins! She tastefully showed cleavage and used a diamond drop down choker to finish the look. As if we’re surprised she got number one.
  • Adele. We knew going into the night that Adele and Beyoncé were up for some friendly competition, since they were both nominated in several categories. (Adele eventually taking the cake). But one thing they didn’t need to compete: their gowns. Adele’s was nothing like Beyoncé’s but still equally gorgeous. Her ivory coloured Givency dress flattered her so well, and made both her hair and eyes pop.
  • Beyoncé wasn’t the only beauty to pull off red sequins at the Grammys this year, because Carrie Underwood blew us away too, in a red sequined gown by Lebanese designer Elie Madi. We ALL know Underwood has amazing legs, so the slit up the front of the dress was the perfect excuse to show them off a little.
Beyonce, Adele, Carrie Underwood, 2017 Grammy Awards

Beyonce, Adele, Carrie Underwood, 2017 Grammy Awards

I decided to make a medium category because there seemed to be a few looks that had aspects that I liked, while other parts of it I just scratched my head. Here are two examples:

  • Katy Perry. Although she did spectacularly during her performances, I just couldn’t quite understand the look she was going for on the red carpet. I loved her blonde hair, and her makeup looked very nice, but the dress….the dress just looked like it could be cute, but maybe if it were two separate outfits. The sequin-y top could have been worked with, but together with the feather fringed long skirt, no thanks!
  • Laverne Cox. Cox is a gorgeous woman to begin with, so couldn’t go wrong with her pulled up hair and smoky eye, but the dress was a little less simple. Cox has proven that her curves can pull off any kind of tight dress, I just thought it was interesting that she chose to hold the sides up with basically embellished safety pins! (Still love you though Laverne!)
Katy Perry, Laverne Cox,  2017 Grammy Awards

Katy Perry, Laverne Cox, 2017 Grammy Awards

And lastly, some of the looks that I liked the least. Of course this does not mean I don’t like their art per sé, but there were just a few looks I wasn’t really into. Here they are:

  • Singer Joy Villa. I’m actually not sure entirely what kind of things she sings, but she sure made herself memorable on the red carpet. Villa arrived in a white cloak that covered whatever she was wearing underneath, but was quick to reveal it was a form-fitting, mermaid-style gown dedicated to the U.S.’s newest president, Donald Trump. It might be that I don’t particularly care for the dress because it doesn’t line up with my own political views, but I just believe that it looks tacky to have the giant words on your already-glittery gown, but maybe that’s just me. It definitley left an impression!
  • Halsey. Really?! I personally don’t think that the red carpet is strictly reserved for gowns, but this outfit looks more like you rolled out of bed in last night’s accessories and kept your pyjamas on, not to mention the top is completely unbuttoned. You must really trust boob-tape because that could be a disaster waiting to happen.
Joy Villa, Halsey,  2017 Grammy Awards

Joy Villa, Halsey, 2017 Grammy Awards

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