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BATD ON Apr 01, 2009 AT 9:37 am

Jo Wood Everyday Range

Jo Wood Everyday Range

These days we’re all about being eco friendly. We were first in line to buy the Anya Hindmarch ‘I’m not a plastic bag’ and will often walk to work now rather than taking a cab (we still can’t get our head around cycling). In light of the very green leaf we’ve turned over, we have decided to embrace ethical fashion, Stella McCartney, eat your heart out. Where Stella started, many have followed, we checked out to find out what’s new in eco fashion.

Del Forte Jeans

Del Forte Jeans are ready to school you in all things ethical, and to get you well and truly on your way. They are currently offering discounts off some of their favourite green brands. Now before you get images of unsightly hessian sacks in your mind let me assure you that eco fashion has come a long way, just ask Terra Plana. They have a collection of fashion forward shoes that will rival any Choo. We’re also championing the Del Forte skinny jeans, in a variety of cuts to suit all, you feel just that little bit better knowing you can look fashionable with a clear conscience. 

The fashion is just for starts, as you know beauty is our bag. is a fabulous online treasure trove of all your favourite beauty goodies. Greenmystyle are offering all shoppers £5 at now, giving us the perfect opportunity to splurge out on the Jo Wood Organics range. Jam packed with gorgeous kitsch brands, it’s a little undiscovered  gem and trust me that £5 voucher will come in very handy.

So go green today and ease yourself in with a little retail therapy, visit now or click here to get the codes.

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