Harrods’ Handbag Narratives

BATD ON Jul 10, 2013 AT 11:57 am

In this generation of competitive online shopping – generating foot-traffic into shops is harder than ever. Even London’s famously iconic department store, Harrods, has come up with a marketing ploy to draw customers inside. But what a draw it is. .


Because Harrods has collaborated with 20 of its leading designer accessories brands to create an eye-catching and awe-inspiring exhibition to rival any of its previously elaborate and decorative window displays .

The Handbag Narratives campaign, along with some serious eye-candy and aspirational bag dreams, also offers customers private views and rewards by way of an array of exclusive customer-crafted bags.


The world renown Harrods windows have been designed with life-size designer bags that fit, not just your essentials and your pooch, but you too! This is just as much a visual feast as it is a potential buying experience – although don’t ponder the purchase for too long as most of the showpieces are available for a limited time only.

Alexander McQueen


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