Havaianas Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Mimi ON Jun 12, 2012 AT 1:15 pm

Havaianas Celebrates 50th Anniversary

We’re hoping you’ve got your flip flop feet ready, because this Friday 15th marks National Flip Flop Day. It also just happens to be the iconic Brazilian footwear brand, Havaianas, 50th Anniversary this month, and to celebrate, the internationally renowned brand is launching a very special limited edition sandal inspired by the mythical ‘flip over’ to colour in the 90s.

Exotic, unique, super comfortable and available in a multitude of patterns and colour options, we rarely venture near a beach without a pair. Synonymous with glamorous, tanned Brazilian beauties and the laid back Brazilian way of life, they are the perfect accompaniment to summer sunshine.

But did you know,

94% of Brazilians have or have had a pair of Havaianas and back in 1963, over one thousand pairs of sandals were sold per day.

The main Havaianas factory in Campina Grande, North East Brazil manufactures over 206 million pairs per year.

Last year, 90 million pairs of flip-flops sold in 2011.

That is 520,547 pairs sold per day.

Or 21,689 pairs sold per hour.

or  6 pairs sold in a second.

Since its birth, over 4 billion pairs of Havaianas have already been sold. If lined up all together, they would go around the Earth about 40 times.

Born in 1962 in Brazil the original Havaianas were modeled on the Japanese Zori slipper and were named in honour of the typically Hawaiian pleasure-seeking approach to life.


The coloured straps caused quite a buzz in the 1980s when fans began flipping their white sandals downward, leaving the coloured side up. The trend took off and launched the multi-tonal flipflop options! And within – the quite literal – flop of a flop – Havaianas quickly went from being a commonplace flipflop to a must-have accessory.




We love the creative flair and versatility that Havaianas offers – despite being just a couple of straps and a sole. To prove the point – collaborations with high fashion houses Celine, Paul & Joe and Missoni. We also adore the Make Your Own Havaianas customizable option, with choices ranging from simple mix and match straps to Swarovski crystals embellishments.


Here are a few of our favorite picks that are sure to turn heads on your summer holiday!

Celebrate Havaianas 50th Anniversary by picking up one of the 50,000 limited editions pairs, of which 100% of the profits will go to UNICEF.



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