Havaianas Wellies

Mimi ON Sep 27, 2011 AT 10:03 am

Havaianas Wellies

Havaianas Wellies

One step outside and we can see and feel that autumn has arrived. We’re a bit bummed that the time has finally come to move our sandals to the back of our wardrobes, but after seeing these cool new Havaiana Rain Boots, we know that we won’t have to pack away our style along with them.

Havaianas Rain Boots have both the style and functionality department covered. They come in a variety of funky designs and bright, cheery colours, and no matter what style you choose, they’re all priced the same at £50.

They’re available for purchase online or in person at the Havaianas store in Soho or at Selfridges.

Slipping on a pair of these fun wellies on a miserable, rainy day may certainly bring new meaning to the term “happy feet.”


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