Have a Closet Clear Out

BATD ON Feb 24, 2009 AT 2:01 pm

Have a Spring Clean

Have a Spring Clean

It’s a common known fact that a girl can never have too many shoes. I too, like most other women in the country live by this motto. Yet I have noticed over the years, that my modest shoe collection has now grown to represent something like the Jimmy Choo shop floor. I am ashamed to say that half of these shoes have remained unworn for some time now, festering at the bottom of my wardrobe in the sea of lost footwear. I intend to have a clear out and will be donating my unwanted gems to the Brantano’s New for Old campaign.

Just pop along to your local Brantano, with your shoes in tow and hand them over. You will be rewarded with a £10 gift voucher when you spend £40, it seems only fair to fill the empty void in our wardrobes. Furthermore 10p from each donated pair will go to Tommy’s The Baby Charity, while all shoes will go to deprived communities in Africa, it’s retail therapy with a conscience.

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