In Defence Of Shape Wear… What, Why and How?

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Roberto Cavalli SS13

Shape wear – the greatest accessory of the modern world. Improved beyond recognition from its predecessors in the Victorian era, shape wear is the ultimate confidence booster that can help bodies look more streamlined, and make clothes fit better. But how many women attempt to buy shape wear and give up because of all the confusing different types, or because they are not aware of their sizes in this field? Not to mention the unflattering appearance of the stretchy nude coloured underwear in their boxes. Many women have been intimidate by the challenge of choosing and buying the ideal shape wear for their bodies, but treat it like the truly great accessory it is, and have the confidence to buy!

What is Shape wear? Where does it all go?

Shape wear is very effective at slimming out bodies. Excess fat can move into spaces between muscles and is also compressed so it seems like there is less fat there. Along with this, shape wear can provide a flattering silhouette, evening out any unwanted lumps or bumps. Well-designed shape wear will also encourage excess fat to move towards your breasts as an added bonus!

How can it be used to make dresses look better?

Shape wear can make you look and feel more attractive in any dresses. Women of all shapes and sizes can benefit from wearing shape wear such as from My Curves & Me. When wearing a waisted dress, shape wear can even out your shape so that the skirt can fall in flattering waves rather than sticking outwards at different angles. Buy shape wear that will smooth over your hips to protect you from this. When wearing a fitted dress, find some shape wear to wear over your stomach to prevent you from looking bloated. Shape wear can be worn all over your body, even on your arms, so if you are wearing a long sleeved dress, use shape wear to give your upper arms a toned appearance and keep in those bingo wings!

Is it safe to wear?

When shape wear is worn correctly and properly fitted, there is no danger to our bodies. It can even benefit our health by stimulating circulation and it can improve our posture by supporting the muscles. Contrary to rumours of health implications from wearing shape wear, women have been wearing shape wear for centuries and we have come a long way since the Victorian corsets women used to wear. Shape wear has developed in comfort and appearance and if worn properly, there is no potential risk to your health.

Every woman needs a little help at some point in their lives. Shape wear is the great escape that we all need to boost our confidence occasionally, so try to keep some in the back of the drawer for those days when you are feeling tired or bloated. Shape wear is the best kept secret in history for women everywhere, so before you go out tonight, slip into some shape wear and feel fabulous!

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