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By Chrissy Iley

I’m constantly obsessing about my brows or lack of then, My brows have a separate make up bag. Fillers, brushes conditioners. I am well aware that a well-dressed brow is everything, But what if you just don’t have it there to dress? I was very excited to see Instant Effects Lash and Brow Booster. It’s a super serum that works for both brows and lashes. 20% fuller brows and lashes in 2 minutes – clinically proven it says. Thickness up by 53% and length up by 28% in 2 weeks.

instant-effects-instant-lash-volumiser 3I’m not even sure about the 2 weeks yet because of course I’m very interested in the 2 minutes. The revolutionary technology enables gases – yes gases, including oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide to be carried into the hair shaft. So you imagine tiny little explosions going on to create open cuticles and a swelling hair shaft.

Another ingredient is based on Pentapeptide-17 which stimulates new hair growth. I’m all about more is more and more is even more if it happens now.

It glides on and certainly adds a kind of juicy lustre straight away. It adds depth to brows. I’m not sure if it works so great on lashes. My lashes are super thin and always have to be coated in the thickest of mascara so maybe I’ll have to wait for the 2 weeks for them but as a brow booster it does what it says. It has an instant effect.

£24.99 available from Fortnum and Mason and

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