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BATD ON May 20, 2009 AT 4:16 pm

Elle Macpherson: These Boots Were Made for Walking, 2009

Elle Macpherson: These Boots Were Made for Walking, 2009

How do we explain the relationship between women and their shoes? Flats, pumps, wedges, courts… as soon as we hear those magic words, our hearts immediately skip a beat.  Alice Instone’sInterview with a Shoe” exhibition at the Beach Blanket Babylon’s Shoreditch gallery, sheds some light on the issue.

She has spoken to a range of celebrities , and has painted a selection of very special showbiz shoes. Each painting captures a personal story from the memories of wearing the shoes. Famous faces who have donated their shoe stories include Bianca Jagger,  Alice Temperley and Nicole Farhi. Each piece contains a quote from the famous footwear’s owner to fully communicate with the viewer the significance of the pieces.

We have a sneak peek at some of the paintings on view. One such image that caught our eye was ‘These Boots Were Made for Walking’, Elle MacPherson explained the story behind the shoe.

“We all have a favourite pair of shoes and they often reveal something about us without us even realising. There’s one pair of boots I take with me everywhere I go – they’re the only pair of shoes I have that mean anything and they’re a pair of black cowboy boots that I’ve had since I was a teenager. I still wear them without socks and with flared jeans. I’ve worn them on so many different occasions that they conjure up great memories and I let Alice have them for just a week as I had to have them back for my next trip! I think Alice has a talent for capturing something quite functional to evoke its charm and make an emotional.”

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