Issey Miyake’s Origami Designs on Display

BATD ON Jan 28, 2013 AT 4:12 pm

The inventive Japanese designer does it again. Already known for his exhibitions, even more of his work is due to go on display at the Design Museum Jan. 30. The 132 5. origami-inspired dresses are featured in a collection entitled, “Extraordinary Stories About Ordinary Things.” In this exhibition Miyake’s designs will reflect the many uses of plastics and recyclable materials.

Issey Miyake Design

Issey Miyake Design

His eco-friendly dresses will show that practicality can be found in beautifully constructed pieces, an idea he has been enforcing in his own designs since he began.

Issey Miyake Designs

Issey Miyake Display

Don’t worry about missing this display because there’s no rush. The museum will host the pieces until about 2015 when a relocation is planned.



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