Jewellery Goes Rogue

BATD ON Jun 21, 2013 AT 11:54 am

Just when we had finally perfected the arm-candy stack (fyi. it’s a balance of delicate gold pieces, chunky metal, organic materials and cotton friendship bracelets in bright saturated hues alongside a chunky man’s watch) and thought we had the ring-party nailed – that’s multiple rings taking residence on (almost) each and every finger, it seems that all obvious jewellery placement has become passé.  Instead, just like when that little-too-loose arm cuff nonchalantly found itself positioned betwixt elbow and armpit, there’s a new slew of embellishments that prefer to be placed somewhere altogether more surprising.

finger-party @catbirdNYC

Adding to the already swinging finger-party, mid-finger rings (or first knuckle, memory or tea rings as they are also named) have taken centre-stage this season. Helping to flaunt a freshly painted manicure and subtly offsetting an outfit without the need for showstopper jewels, the fashion-forward have been loading up their fingertips with the finest slivers of gold and silver, placed daintily between nail bed and knuckle.

And now, bracelets join their jewellery counterparts in making a mid-placement move. Forget bangles and bracelets because the only embellishment to be wearing is a hand cuff.

LeiVanKash Hand Cuff

Placed across the palm of the hand (yes, writing, typing, or doing pretty much most things may become a little awkward), cutting between thumb and forefinger and sitting over the back of your hand, the hand cuff ensures that even when wearing long-sleeved tops and jackets, your arm accessories are visible.

Topshop Spike Rhinestone Hand Cuff

For the best mid-finger rings we stock up at KabiriCatbird NYC and VeraMeat or head to ASOS and Topshop for multipacks. And search out hand cuffs at LeiVanKash from £530, Topshop from £10 and ShopBop.

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