John Lewis Spring/Summer Shoot

BATD ON May 07, 2009 AT 1:08 pm

John Lewis Britwave Shoot

John Lewis Britwave Shoot

There is no denying that this year we have had to tighten those purse strings and down size somewhat. One of our first casualties has been those far away trips to sunny skies and sandy beaches. In fact this year us Brits are being encouraged to do our holidaying a little closer to home…Blackpool to be exact. I know, it’s not quite Barbados but if it’s good enough for John Lewis it’s good enough for us.

Shunning their usual exotic locations, this year the department store has opted to photograph their summer collection on Blackpool beach. While we have to admit those slightly stormy looking skies do not have us rushing to the bikini rails, we do like the look they have put together. True Hunter’s and a Mac may not be your normal beach attire, but if you’re planning on braving a British summer this year, they could come in handy.

You can find all items at John Lewis, the swimsuit costs £53.50, while the wellies come in at £55 and the Mac at £99.

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