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Mimi ON May 25, 2010 AT 3:01 pm

7 For All Mankind Roxanne low-rise distressed skinny jeans (£200), Citizens of Humanity Amber mid-rise bootcut jeans (£185), J Brand Santa Cruz cotton chinos (£230)

7 For All Mankind (£200), Citizens of Humanity (£185), J Brand (£230)

By Emma Skipper

Whether it’s hillbilly or rock chick, the denim-look seems to be here to stay.

In recent weeks we’ve already reported on Denim trends (although we’re not sure on two-tone) and even Denim pop-up bars. However a recent study done by Cotton Council International seems to show our penchant for all things indigo and stonewashed has reached fever pitch!

According to the study, over 25% of us Brits own over 10 pairs of jeans, with 1 in 3 of us wearing them every day. Now, all this says to me is that either we’re all ridiculously rich, very lazy with laundry duties or have such a fluctuating waistline that we need a pair for every working day of the fortnight. Now, all of the above may be true (especially at BATD HQ), but the underlying problem is the lack of good quality, affordable Denim on the high street and an unnecessary amount of poorly made, badly fitting tat.

Victoria Beckham Mid-rise skinny jeans (£215) on Net-A-Porter

Victoria Beckham Mid-rise skinny jeans (£215) on Net-A-Porter

I’ve even succumbed myself in the past. Standing in Primark next to a pretty pair of pastel skinnies, thinking how my standard of living will increase ten-fold by having a pair in my life. But the reality is that I’ll waste £12 on a pair that will loose their trend-appeal, and shape, within a matter of weeks. Now, assuming I’m week willed between 5-10 times in a year, I’ve just got myself 5-10 new pairs of jeans and a hefty £120 bill (at least) which, to be honest, would have been better spent on a flight to the south of France.

Cue sites like Net-A-Porter with their Denim Boutique, who have cottoned onto the vast summer trend that is Denim and have dedicated a whole section of their site to it. There are tips on how to measure yourself properly, which styles suit specific body shapes and how to take care of your Denim post-purchase. So, in theory, you may be spending more per item but you’ll be investing in much less wardrobe space and much more staying power. You can filter via wash, fabric type, body shape and rise making your good decision that much better.

Initiatives like this are definitely worth a try as if they pay off, you’ll hopefully get a pair of jeans that not only will last years rather than weeks, but that suits your shape and holds theirs, even after a vigorous spin cycle or two! Plus it’ll mean you can have a good clear out of your redundant pairs and give the one’s that count the space they deserve!

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