Kate Moss’ Sparkling Return to Lads Mags

BATD ON Jul 30, 2013 AT 10:10 am

Kate Moss has posed for a lot of pictures over the last 17 years. Editorials, adverts, campaigns. But a lads mag? Not Kate.

It’s all part of her enigma you see. The mystery and allure of the unknown.

For years, despite owning a whole shelf worth of Kate Moss tomes, poring over every glossy image of her, writing about her James Brown styled undone hair and how to recreate that slept-in smoky eye, I had never even heard her voice. Until, and I recall it well, that fateful day when the Kate Moss for Topshop line dropped into Oxford Circus and Kate was interviewed, alongside a rather proud, and indeed smug, looking Sir Philip Green. The secret was out. Since then she has overcome her ‘no talking’ vows for the likes of Longchamp, that Rimmel “Get The London Look’ video and a handful of times for charity, naturally.

Kate Moss fronts Esquire’s September issue

And yet, despite her overexposure, lads mags continued to be a no-go for Kate.

And it’s not for lack of wanting, because Kate Moss is the epitome of crazy, sexy, cool. As Esquire editor, Alex Bilmes attests, ”Kate Moss is my generation’s embodiment of home-grown sex, glamour, hedonism and insouciant cool.” And it’s this that Bilmes was determined to tap for Esquire’s September ‘Made in Britain’ issue.

And so it is, thanks to Bilmes and a diamond encrusted pair of panties, and by way of a little  gentle cajoling from long term friends, stylist Katie Grand and photographer Craig McDean, that Moss has broken her no-lads-mags ban. And boy will the men be pleased.

Granted, Esquire is not quite Page 3 girl territory, it’s tasteful, quality male-focussed glossy journalism at its very best, but in essence, it’s still a lads mag, and perhaps the transitional step that Kate needed before, come January, her cover for Playboy magazine hits (top) shelves the world over. And we can’t imagine there’ll be much bling to cover her foufou then.

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