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Mimi ON Dec 02, 2008 AT 3:51 pm

By Bruce Reynolds

So a quick LA update,  I’ve discovered a fabulous new Italian designer Inno, who’s designs are amazing, and the ‘INNO’ emporium is here in Los Angeles.  A true iconoclast he’s had a major influence on fashion for years. As buying director of fashion forward ‘Browns’ on South Molton Street, London, Inno was also the brains behind the ‘Browns own label’ clothing, and was instrumental in the expansion of the Italian brand Romeo Gigli

Now centre stage with the launched of his own ready to wear label ‘INNO’, his designs are inspired by the glamours era of the late 1930′s with a modern twist made from some of the most luxurious Italian fabrics around. Soft grey and white are the staple colours in the collection for both men and women, but his attention to detail is what sets the label apart from the other luxury names who have lost that special something. Not just for the stylish Hollywood ‘A listers’, you too can own a piece of the ‘INNO’ collection with prices starting at $200 plus shipping. 

Now on to the movies. Released in the UK November 26th 2008 is ‘Changeling’, which I’ll sum up in two words…absolutely brilliant.  Starring Angelina Jolie who gives an excellent performance and directed by Clint Eastwood, it’s a film that takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride of compassion, outrage, joy and surprise. 

Based on a true story from the 1920′s, the film follows a mothers quest to take on the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) which at the time is riddled with secrets and corruption. Angelina gives a powerful portrayal of single mother named Christine Collins who wants to find her young son after he mysteriously disappears. In a fan fare of media publicity the LAPD reunite the distraught mother with a son matching the description given. But the boy found is not Christine’s son though he insists he is and the LAPD believe him.  

Now Christine not only has to cope with her son’s disappearance but also figure out why the boy she has is lying. The story takes a sharp left when she tells the LAPD that they’ve made a mistake and the boy she’s been given is not hers.  In no time at all Christine Collins finds herself fighting one of the most corrupt police departments in America and uncovers one of the biggest scandals ever. 

I had the honour of meeting director Clint Eastwood at the premiere, and when asked what inspired him to do the film he simply replied sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and he’s right.  

Another great film is ‘The Other End of the Line’, a romantic comedy about beautiful carefree Indian call centre worker called ‘Priya’ who falls for an American man ‘Granger’ while helping him with fraudulent credit card charges.  Set between New York and Mumbi India Priya played by Bollywood star (Shriya Saran) gets on a plane to America to meet the charming voice of  Granger played by (Jesse Metcalf) after he asks her out for a date. 

Trouble begins for all involved as Priya is all set to have an arranged marriage which her traditional family are keen for her to have. Once the family realise Priya is on her way to America they pack their bags and head there to bring their daughter back. 

Directed by James Dodson ‘The Other End of The Line’ is a love story that tackles cultural differences with good humour

Bruce Reynolds

Bruce Reynolds

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