Larger Than Life

Mimi ON Jun 07, 2012 AT 7:51 am

Larger Than Life

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Imagine the Borrowers living a life of miniature luxury and you won’t be too far off the recent collaboration between quirky French photographer Vincent Bousserez and French fashion house, Louis Vuitton.

Bousserez who is renowned for creating exquisite images of an extraordinary miniature world where teensy plastic people live amongst our, at times seemingly mundane, everyday objects, has been commissioned to captured a troop of tiny characters living, playing and working amongst the Louis Vuitton accessories line in a series entitled Larger Than Life.

A team of tiny workmen are seen etching out the signature LV initials with mini diggers whilst miniature window cleaners polish the frames of a pair of sunglasses. A couple stand, preening, in front of a LV hard-wear mirror whilst diminutive couples play golf over a handbag.

Cheeky, charming and utterly adorable, his most recent exhibition, Plastic Life, sees Vincent’s ‘little people’ sledging down a snowy, toilet-roll slope, hiking through the hills and valleys of a bottom and figure skating around a vinyl LP.  Vincent’s work can be viewed at

Larger Than Life

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