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Mimi ON May 03, 2012 AT 4:19 pm

Levi's Water<Less Campaign

Levi's Water

In 2011, the classic blue jean company Levi launched its Water<Less products pioneering into sustainable practices as a company. Today almost all denim-vendors have some aspect of waterless produced product in their collection.

Levi’s has always been a pioneering brand not just in practice but in their product itself; their very first pair of blue jeans was made in 1873, and continued through the decades to be a symbol of freedom and self-expression in the face of adversity, challenge and social change.

In their Water<Less products, the Levi’s designers wanted to create a new approach in using less water in the finishing process.

When making a pair of conventional jeans, an average of 42 liters of water is used, Water<Less jeans have reduced this by 96% for some styles.

Currently, Levi’s has made more than 13 million Water<Less products and saved over 172 million liters of water, and this is just the beginning.

Lets break it down, shall we?

172 million liters is equal to 726,600, 812 glasses of drinking water, and drinking water for 157,000 people for a whole year. That’s a lot of water saved!


Levi’s is fully committed to making more Water<Less products and raising awareness to the lack of water and sanitation in places in Africa, South Asia, and Central America. There are nearly one billion people who do not have access to clean drinking water, the Go Water<Less campaign helps to raise awareness of this epidemic.

For World Water Day, Levi’s and Water.org have partnered to begin an initiative called Go Water<Less that helps communities in Africa, South Asia, and Central America. It provides access to safer water and sanitation and raises awareness to the vast amount of people who still lack access to clean water.

To promote this cause, a Go Water<Less challenge has been developed to incentivize consumers to lower their water usage and to inform them so they can get an idea of how one billion people live without clean drinking water every day. Everybody can participate and make a contribution to provide clean water for the people who don’t have it.

For more information on how you can help or where to purchase Water<Less products and how to help, go to Levi.com.

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