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BATD ON Feb 24, 2010 AT 12:25 pm

Peter Pilotto A/W

The show goes on as London Fashion Week hits its halfway point this week. Most of Tuesday’s shows saw a wide array of conservative looks, ranging from office wear to evening gowns.

Peter Pilotto began the day with his innovative collection. The looks were seemingly drab, until the orange began to pop out. Ranging from a simple orange belt on a brown dress to all-orange pants, almost the entire collection featured a hint of this zesty hue. What was more interesting however, was the mix of this leathery modernism with old world styles like tweed and wool. Though the combination is bold, we find Pilotto’s collection very wearable.

Burberry A/W

Also spicing up the average look was Nathan Jenden, whose collection featured international styles pumped with high fashion. Animal prints and feathers are intertwined with structured jackets and tailored dresses. Notable among them is a black blazer with a sneaky hint of leopard on the lapel. These pieces would definitely bring a bit of culture to any outfit.

A little more classic were the Burberry Prorsum and Amanda Wakeley lines. For Burberry, fleece coats paired with snakeskin boot/leggings seemed to be a trend. Mixing in some perfectly panelled pencil skirts and military style pea coats, the richly coloured collection oozed with impeccably fitting outfits. Amanda Wakeley’s line looks like a celebration of looks women love, from flowing marble maxi dresses to office-appropriate wool skirts. Classy all the way, the clothes remind us exactly why we like fashion so much.

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