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BATD ON Oct 06, 2010 AT 9:35 am

Louise Gray SS11

Louise Gray SS11

By Simon Glazin from www.theverysimong.com

As ‘fashion flu’ slowly took hold throughout the week, Louise Gray’s new spring summer 2011 collection couldn’t of come sooner. Sitting front row (thanks COTTON USA – the show’s sponsor - and BATD!), and waiting for the lights to brighten and the music to blast out, I knew that however under the weather I was feeling, Louise’s fashion-magic would almost certainly pull me through. And did it just!

Entitled ‘Get Some Stuff’, Louise mixed together a whole host of colours, fabrics, textures and ideas – sounds risky, but worked a treat on the catwalk. The show notes tell us that “Gray takes a bold step forward with a collection of drape and decoration which reveals a new maturity in both craft and style”. Along with this drapery and arts and craft techniques came knots; to trousers, skirts and shirts. Impossible yet fascinating knotted bra tops were placed over colour-pop vests and knee-to-foot panels of trousers were replaced with tied fabric. 

Louise Gray SS11

Louise Gray SS11

It was obvious that ‘FUN’ was a theme to run through the entire collection. Clear plastic was added to skirts and used as bags, filled with, among other things, popcorn and polystyrene balls. Colourful adornments were added to various pieces that on first glance were fun additions, but on closer inspection actually turned out to be badges and shop price tags. 

COTTON USA, the sponsors of the show, kindly asked Louise to answer some of my questions. Asking how she decided on what she’d wear of a morning, she let out a laugh before stating that “everything is all over the floor, I just pick things up and construct a colourful ensemble really”. Her inspiration is sited from “vintage shops and my contemporaries in London, I pull bits and bobs from everywhere really” – which explains the amazement of colours in her new collection. 

As an advocate for the high street myself, I asked Louise what she thought: “I do shop on the high street, and I also love internet shopping too. My favourite online store is ASOS – love it”. 

And of course, if you wanted to check out some of Louise’s amazing creations, www.asos.com is the place to go!

For more fashion news from Simon visit his amazing blog, The Very Simon G, HERE!! 

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