Louis Vuitton Opens in Westfield

BATD ON May 18, 2009 AT 10:10 am

Louis Vuitton opens in Westfield

Louis Vuitton opens in Westfield

We’re all for going green here at Beauty and the Dirt HQ, recycling, watching our carbon foot print, and it seems even Louis Vuitton are feeling a little eco. To celebrate the opening of the brand spanking new Louis Vuitton store in Westfield, they’ve drafted in 2004 Turner prize winner Jeremy Deller, to create a set of urban city gardens, complete with scarecrows. Who’d have thought, scarecrows at Louis Vuitton?

Deller explained, “A good garden is a work of art in itself and the British love of gardens extends from the practical allotment to the manicured lawn. In London we have to appreciate nature wherever we can find it and my installation will reflect this; combining the strange beauty of the scarecrow with a mobile urban vegetable patch.”

The gardens will be plotted just outside the store, and placed around the luxury Village area of the mall. After the launch, the gardens will be relocated and donated to the Hammersmith Community Gardens Association. Ahhh, how nice, that’s what we like to see, a luxury brand supporting the local community.

The store opens on the 19th of May 2009.

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